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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I cannot find all the information on the site. Why?

Simply because the site is still under construction. We update it regularly and its content will be expanded as and when.

How can I keep up to date on updates and events?

To keep you informed you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter. This will allow you to be notified when content is added to the site.

Functional perimeter

Will all modules be available at the software release?

Not all modules will be available at the product launch. We will update the list of modules as and when we will have more informations.

Do I have to pick all the modules?

With Lyrebird Evolve, you choose only the modules you need to build a software that match exactly your needs. You only pay for what you consume.


If I only need three modules, do I have to pay for those three, or is there a fee?

You only pay for the modules you need. Our policy ensures that we are fully transparent about the proposed prices. We will not hide any fees.

How does the subscription work?

This point is not set yet, but it is certain that you will be able to subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription, according to your budget.

How much is a month's subscription to a module?

This information is not available yet, but the price will be set per module/user/month. Check regularly our website for more informations or subscribe to our newsletter.

Do I have to choose the same number of users per module?

No, the number of users is not set; It is specific to each module. For example, you can have four users for the Customer Relationship Management module and only one for the Statistics module.

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